Prospective Tenancy Evaluation

The benefit of having a team member from United Project Management join you when inspecting prospective tenancies is that no two commercial buildings are alike. With our experience we are able to add value to your inspections by pointing out the differences between the different buildings services and layouts that your agent or tenant representative may not be aware of. 


During this process we always request and read the “Fitout Guidelines” for any building to clarify any concerns with the building managers prior to our clients signing their Heads of Agreement and/or lease. We do this as there may be certain restrictions or requirements that they are not aware of that could add to the cost or delay the start of the fitout.


Having an interior design team also allows us to be able to very quickly complete "Test fit" plans to determine if the clients "Wish list" can be met in the prospective tenancy prior to making any commitments to leasing the space.


If you are thinking of looking for a new workplace, we strongly suggest a team member from United Project Management join you to assist with the following:


  • Base building surveys

  • Due diligence inspections

  • Test fit solutions


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